Lab Snapshots

Birdie Blue

This is Birdie Blue (a.k.a. 小鳥翠), one of the prettiest reseidents of the NTU reservoir (舟山路農場水源池). Photo courtesy of Mr. Chiu of Shin-Dien City (新店邱先生).


[2015/09/30] Welcome new member

Welcome Long Qian (錢龍) and Jun-An Chen (陳俊安) to nslab!

[2015/08/25] Master Degree Awarded

Congratulations to Ronald Ho (何國華)! Ronald has completed the graduation procedure and received his master degree.

[2012/12/16] Busy Day

It's the day of Taipei City Marathon. Polly manages to finish the 9k run and rushes back to join the NSC review of the NTU-Intel Center. She surely draws attention walking into BL-201 with running shirt/shorts. She must say that she does so with a lot of respect despite the serious violation of dressing code. >"<

[2012/12/01] NTU Marathon

Polly, despite all the travel (Beijing, Nara, Toronto, Bangkok), is not going to miss this annual event. She finishes 8th this year in her category and brings home a certificate and lots of goodies.

[2012/11/14] AINTEC 2012 (more)

Polly is invited to speak in Bangkok about our recent work on "Measuring and Modelling the QoE of Skype/SILK VoIP Calls". To her surprise, the audience finds the topic interesting and is very engaging asking questions and giving comments. Cool!

[2012/11/06] ACM Sensys 2012 Doctoral Colloquium (more)

Junction (江怡萱) presented her work on WSN system diagnosing in the Sensys'12 DC this year. Much of the critical and yet constructive comments are appreciated. The Sensys DC this year is also chaired by Polly and joined by 9 expert WSN scholars/engineers.

[2012/10/30] ACM Multimedia 2012 (more)

Piggy (朱慶餘), joined by kcir (陳建男) and Polly, presents their work on modeling how people FEEL about the quality of a Skype call in the presence of rate changes. Nara at this time of the year is beautiful.

[2012/10/27] Microsoft Research Asia Faculty Summit (more)

Polly speaks in the 'Applied Technology of Mobile Computing' session about how smart meters are not enough to allow behavioral changes in power usage in average household. She also shares the solution the group finds more practical and effective. She sits also in the panel discussing future directions that the mobile computing research community might want to pursue.

[2012/08/13] NTU-Intel Center (more)

Polly joins the NTU-Intel Center and chairs the special interest group in context analysis and management (SIGCAM). She'll be overlooking projects aiming to innovate/renovate data and system engineering in M2M/IoT/WSN systems.